ABOUT stem

Stem, a leading provider of intelligent energy storage, combines big data, predictive analytics and advanced energy storage to simultaneously reduce electricity costs for businesses and in aggregate, deliver services to the power grid. Stem is headquartered in Millbrae, Calif., with operations in California, Hawaii and New York.  



Particularly for newer technologies such as energy storage, customers seek reassurance through proven deployments. The ideal solution to show customers is a case study. Stem regularly produces case studies to highlight its installations in a variety of markets and industries.


Demonstrate to prospects that Stem offers a proven, tested way to reduce demand charges and lower energy bills.


We use a simple storytelling approach to structure the case study. By laying out JCPenney's goals and challenges first, we make a strong case for the Stem solution.


Stem was named to the Global CleanTech 100 for the third consecutive year in 2017.   




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