I’m happy it’s here. And relieved.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]riters and other creative professionals are notorious for getting to their own marketing projects last. I’m certainly guilty of that. My first and only other website was created 10 years ago. Ten years is a lifetime when it comes to Web technology.

The good news is that, having waited that long, my site is fresh and clean and modern.

Some things you may notice:

  • It’s responsive, meaning it automatically adjusts to the screen sizes of any device. Definitely a must today with so much usage on mobile devices.
  • It scrolls vertically – another nod to smartphone and tablet users who’ve become accustomed to flicking through web pages.
  • It has a blog, and so I’ll be updating my content and planning to engage with readers like you in some thoughtful conversations.

I’d like to thank a few people for their help on making this site possible (in addition to my wife, my kids and my dog):

  • Sonia Jones, my go-to graphic designer and collaborator: While Sonia did not create the design, she designed my new logo and identity materials. And she referred me to Linda Massey, designer at Gray Sky Studio in Seattle, who created my site.
  • Linda Massey showed me how much of a collaborative process that website creation can be. She also demonstrated the value a good designer adds to a WordPress theme.
  • Jim Clark, my friend, bandmate and photographer. Jim took some great shots in a classic black-and-white portrait style at his house. And then he came to my place and shot me in my office environment. Jim has gotten a lot of well-deserved compliments on these photos. Let me know if you need a pro photographer, and I’ll give you Jim’s contact information.
  • Ed Gandia and my fellow 2X Project alumni. Ed is a coach to freelancers, and I worked with him and a cohort of 10 other writers on an intensive, three-month training program. I got some great feedback on positioning and copy from Ed and the group.

Are you thinking about redoing your website, or have you recently gone through that process? What are your questions? What has been your experience?